At Lowe's Innovation Labs, we believe in the power of storytelling.

Whether it's robotics, augmented reality or 3D printing, it can be hard to articulate a far-future vision of the convergence of people and technology. Through story, we are able to make sense of how disruptive technologies may improve the lives of Lowe's customers and employees.

We use narrative-driven innovation as a tool to help us find disruptive opportunity, imagine the possibilities it brings, and share our vision of the future with others. This process enables us to disregard barriers and bring out our full creativity, inspire ourselves and others, and make sense of what the future can hold. 

How is science fiction shaping the future of retail?

Narrative: The Holoroom

Our first comic book showcased a couple envisioning their kitchen renovation through virtual reality technology, before VR became popular. We used this storyline to develop the Innovation Labs' first proof-of-concept, the Holoroom.