Lowe's Innovation Labs is developing powerful new augmented, mixed and virtual reality tools to transforming the customer experience. Our AR/VR tools assist our customers with designing, visualizing, DIY skills training, and even navigating the store. 


In-Store Navigation

LIL's newest application uses Google's Tango technology to help customers easily find products in stores, through the use of indoor mapping and depth-sensing.

Holoroom How To

Holoroom How To enables customers to learn the steps to completing a DIY project in a completely immersive virtual reality environment.

Lowe's Vision Style 2.jpg

Lowe's Vision

The Tango-enabled Lowe's Vision application allows customers to style their home with with virtual Lowe's products in real-time to visualize before they buy.



Lowe's Innovation Labs has partnered with Microsoft to launch the Lowe's Hologram Experience, where customers can easily visualize their new space through mixed reality.

Esther and Rex Holoroom Video Still.jpg


The Lowe's Holoroom, the first concept from Lowe's Innovation Labs, is a virtual reality home improvement design and visualization tool.